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„Together for the home.”

Please have a look at our continuously growing and changing offers!

Would you like to sell or buy a property? The solution is HELLO HOME!

The aim of Hello Home is not less, than you feel well at your home. Does not matter if simple or elegant, small or big!


For properties:

- brokerage services,

- search by order,

- organisation of buying and selling,

- brokerage of rental / leasing,

- valuation,



- organisation of the licensing process for property acquisition for foreign customers,

- consulting services concerning taxes, fees and property loan.


Our services are free of charge for our buyers!

Based on the requirements of our customers we also organize the entire legal transaction (sales- or lease agreement countersigned by a lawyer and land registry administration) and the loan administration of the properties.

Our company is 100% in our ownership, so our work is highly efficient, customer-oriented and flexible based on the market situation.

You will find reliable, precise, quick, discrete and personalized administration for the best price by us!

Don’t you have time during the day?

We stay at your proposal in the evening and at the weekend upon prior agreement!


For buyers

Would you like to buy a property? Please have a look at our offers! If you are interested in any of them, please contact us on the below availabilities.

If you did not find the suitable one, don’t be discouraged, send our your expectations and we will do our best to find the ideal home for you!


For sellers

If you would like to sell your property, you don’t have to waste your time waiting for visitors and for unnecessary advertisements, please trust us instead!

Knowing the exact requirements we filter the potential buyers and we inform them about your property – because we know it very well – so we will visit your property only with the appropriate buyers, in optimal case with just one, the most optimal one!

We are in contact with more foreign partner agencies ensuring the effectiveness for your disposal!

Using our full service the administration of the sale will be easy and not a nightmare!

Waiting for your inquiry!


Yours truly,

Anita Kolonics and Márió Mazán


Albert Wass: Home

"Yes, somehow it is so: home is, where you get to. Where somebody is waiting for you in the evening.
Where you know the wears of the wall, the spots of the carpet, the small squeaks of the furniture.
Where you go to the bed so, that you do not only sleep, but you rest.
You not only rest, but you get relaxed. You relax the life, the people, everything.
Where you feel home, it is your home."


Choose a property from our offers, leave everything else for us!